I make work to communicate with myself, others and my surroundings.

I am interested in who we are, in certain behaviours, by wearing certain items of clothing.

Clothing to me is a medium, a canvas on which I express a question.

I research, I ask questions; why, how come, and what will happen if...?

The other responds, how my surroundings react to 'how I behave' and 'what I wear' are my questions.

What I wear, the costume, transcends my personality. I am just the wearer of the costume. The costume dictates how I, the environment and the other react.

Images of costumes appear in my head and I have to make them, it's a necessity to me.

I have to make it to see my own world in reality. In my world everything comes together, am I free, am I one with the other and my environment. My goal is to experience my own world in reality.

The melting together of behaviour, others and the environment. That everything is one and everything is right.

'Let's wash this little piglet' (Dutch saying)

After my studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, I became a teacher there and the auxiliary branche in Aruba.
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Kite clothing

Kite clothing is the longing to be free, carried by the winds, to fly into the sky, but where you have control, holding the strings.
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Sweet Flight