Japan-Dutch Style

Inspired by clothing styles from Japan and the west, G.J. Stam and I made projects that consisted out of second hand clothes. The clothes we collected from the locals.
japan_polonaise029 crop

Japanese Polonaise

The collected, second hand, knitted, sweaters were sorted by colour and then sewn together. When these sweaters are worn a polonaise comes into existence. This polonaise was performed by 40 Japanese students on november 11th, the first day of the catholic carnival festivities in The Netherlands.
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From western to Japanese clothes
I made a Japanese lady wear a lot of westerner clothes in multiple layers. Then I cut through the center, through all te layers. This created a kimono shaped form; Juunihitoe. A Juunihitoe is a multi-layered kimono.
japan_kimono bewerkt crop 2

Maebashi Art and Theatre Festival. Japan, 2001