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Showing Pieces in the Stedelijk Museum

After graduating from art academy a lot of people asked me:'What now and where is your work exhibited? In the art world a resumé is important and some venues are deemed more important than others to exhibit your work. One of the highest goals to achieve as an artist is having your work exhibited in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. As an aspiring artist I wanted to be free from any pressure and just wanted to be free. I thought that if I was able to show my work at the Stedelijk Museum and put that on my resumé, I would have already achieved that and I would be free.

Together with Gert Jan Stam we did an action to present ourselves at the Stedelijk Museum. We send out invitations to come to the Stedelijk Museum. We went with three pieces to the Stedelijk Museum ourselves. 'Pieces' like beautiful women that we dressed with art pieces and pieces of clothing. We bought entry tickets upon arrival and walked around the museum with our Pieces. We then showed them to the visitors we had invited to our exhibition.

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Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1997