'Tea ceremonial behavior'
White costume; a costume made out of canvas that is normally used for painting. For clothing it's a rigid material. At the beginning of my stay in the city the costume was as rigid as I was. Not knowing how to behave or act. During my stay I felt more comfortable and began to move and act more relaxed. The costume relaxed with me.

On the fabric I wrote my journal and notes. The fabric was not only for me to write upon. The city left its's signature as well. Some bloodstains from the fish on the market, some dirt from the pavement. I was invited to give a lecture.

I showed some images and because of the white of the costume, the images could be directly projected onto me.

Hong Kong. An eastern city with western influences. Tall buildings, neon lights, shopping malls and monastries. Ancient tradition meets western style of living.

I, Jeannette van Raaij, artist from Amsterdam, Holland, got to know the city by wearing my costumes. These costumes I made in Holland, inspired by my thoughts about Hong Kong. I took the costumes with me to Hong Kong and wore them each day. The city left it's mark on the costumes. Sometimes literally, by making stains. But also figuratively, by the impressions the city made on me. The costumes formed a bridge between the city and myself.

Together with photographer Natascha Huwaë I present images and video's of the ArtProject-Hong Kong.

'White consumption'

'Nunnery-walk'; 1.51 min.

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Chinese brown costume; costume made out of fabric with chinese pattern. An overcoat that concealed several big, pink pockets within. These pockets were made in different sizes and shapes. I could pull these pockets over objects of the city and by doing so I could appropriate the city. I melted and blended with Hong Kong.
'Chinese brown costume
'Blue night'

'Airport'; 2.48 min.

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I was invited by 2 Universities in Hong Kong to give a lecture about my work. Al I do, in work and in life, revolves around getting to be my true self and only percieve the world from that true self. I express this in my art, in my own individual way.
In Hong Kong people tend to think in a collective way, which comes with it's own uniformity. The discussions about these opposites in perceiving life, art, society, etc. were most inspiring. However at the end of the day, it doesn't matter from which angle one looks at life. Everybody is looking for peace with oneself.
'Dragon'; 1.28 min.

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'Budha Lady'; 1.00 min
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'Walking the streets'; 2.05 min.

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'White costume entrance'
'Chinese drama'

'Cross-over'; 1.41 min.

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